Proposal Tech's ProposalSuiteTM

Proposal Technologies Network, Inc. (ProposalTech) was founded to reduce the work you need to do on your projects. ProposalSuite is designed to save you time with tools focused on specific business needs.

ProposalSuite is comprised of the following:

  • ProposalLink is the Company's patented proprietary eRFP / eRFx / eProcurement software.
  • ProposalQuick is our online survey tool.
  • ProposalTrack is our respondent RFx tracking and proposal creation tools.
  • ProposalWrite is our stand-alone response tool for RFPs that come outside of the system.


The ProposalLink system is a robust platform that gives you instant access to your RFPs and the proposals that respond to them. This system is designed for complicated RFPs that capture large amounts of data. This product targets consultants and employers who need to capture and evaluate large amounts of information associated with RFPs.


The ProposalQuick system is fast and flexible system that enables you to capture respondent survey data. Whether you are surveying your clients, employees, or customers, ProposalQuick is an easy and fast survey tool.


ProposalTrack is designed to manage proposals. It allows users to track previous proposals and reuse the information in future proposals.


ProposalWrite allows users to create responses to new RFPs from existing RFP responses. The image below shows the database being searched for appropriate responses to a question.

Give Us A Try

With a quick training session (30 minutes), you can be creating your own eRFPs. Using our support system, you can import your existing RFP questions into the system and even have our team evaluate them for online use (at your discretion). You create your own custom RFPs and, as an added bonus, you can include scoring criteria so that the system can automatically evaluate the vendor answers that are recorded in the system. Once you have completed the RFP setup, you can distribute RFPs to the vendors and recipients of your choice.

The Proposal Tech team will train your selected vendors enabling you to simply monitor the process from your desktop. The system contains management screens that enable you to see the progress your selected vendors are making on the RFP. You will be able to communicate with them online and share information with each.

Set Up A Demo Today

When the RFPs are returned, you can simply run reports to see which vendor has completed the RFP with the highest score. Call us today at (877) 211-8316 for a demonstration. Or we can provide you with a link to see an automated demo.